Presentation of the service – Belarusian House Consulate

BD.konsulatNumber of Belarusians – and generally migrants from Eastern Europe – is growing in Poland. The numbers of applications for residence permits from the Belarusians soared in 2016. Taking this into consideration, Belarusian House launches a Consulate’s service for those who have moved and want to get acquainted with the new location.

Dear friends!

On August 16 the consultation service of the Belarusian House Consulate started its work.

Its purpose is to provide legal assistance and support for Belarusians, citizens of other countries who temporarily or permanently moved to Poland. We will advise on all matters connected with living in Poland.

The topics of questions vary from obtaining a residence permit to renting apartments, from permits to study to seeking employment and starting your own business. No question will be left without a qualified answer from our lawyers and advisers.

Working time of the BH Consulate in August – Monday, Thursday 10:00 – 13:00.

In September – three days a week with the increase of operating hours. A consultation lasts about 30 minutes.

Phone hot line: +48 577 077 257.

“Hot Line” operates on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. In extreme cases, call us at other times and your call will be answered.

Our e-mail: dombelaruski@gmail.com

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